The Characteristics Of Corn Precision Planter

2022/12/12 09:55

This type of precision corn seed planting gadget is matched with the four-wheel kinds tractors, which used for seeding the unmarried seed or double seeds accurately (you could chose). The corn drill additionally sow the crystalline granule fertilizer at the same time as seeding. that may end furrowing,  fertilizing, seeding, covering  earth, urgent etc, the impact of Single grain sowing is extraordinarily accurate, this is keep seeds , surely achievea innovative innovation in planting industry. 

Technical Specification:

1. Saving the corn seeds.

2. The seeding end result of unmarried particle precision planting may be very great. 

3.You can pick out to plant one or  corn seeds to your need. 

4.It is a tractor corn precision seeder. Mounted for 15-80hp tractor.