Basic Working Principle of Spring Cultivator

2021/12/09 16:52

Rotary tillage part is the most commonly used tillage part of micro-tiller, and the engine power drives the rotary tillage cutter shaft to rotate through the transmission device. Rotary tillage knife shaft is horizontally arranged, and several rotary tillage blades are arranged on the circumference of the knife shaft. The transmission of the knife shaft has two forms: middle transmission and side transmission. The rotary tillage blade driven by power continuously cuts the soil, and throws the cut clods backward to collide with the mud retaining cover plate and the leveling supporting plate, so that the soil can be further broken and then fall to the ground, so as to achieve the purposes of cutting, throwing, breaking and leveling the soil, and the soil reaction force in the cutting process pushes the micro-tiller forward. During the farming process, according to the farming situation, the operator can timely change the pressure on the handrail, adjust the tillage depth and keep the micro-tiller moving forward in a balanced way through the resistance bar, and at the same time, adjust the moving speed of the micro-tiller. The steering clutch is divided to the left and right to manually adjust the forward direction of the micro-tiller.