Hot sale RB series land leveller for tractor

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This mounted land scraper is a farm implements that uses the scraper which fitted between the front and back rear wheels to unknit land, the scraper can be lifted, sloped, revolved and extended.this machine is  Flexible and accurate, easy to use; applicable for constructing the roadbed and road surface, ditching the side slope, mixing road mixtures, removing snow, transporting grain materials and maintaining the dirt roads and gravel roads, etc. the working width: 4-8inch


l   This land grader used to mounted for 4-wheel tractor

l   This mounted farm tractor land scraper suitable for level the surface of road, farm field,clean the snow etc.

l   65Mn spring steel for blade,perfect hardness and toughness.

Technical Specification:

ModleWorking widthWeightTractor HPTractor Hitch


point mounted



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