Half axle non brake bearing

The function of the half shaft bridge bearing is to attenuate vibration, protect the half shaft and other components. The half shaft (drive shaft) is subjected to alternating stresses such as torsion, shear, tension and compression, and impact, which may also cause torsional and bending vibrations of the drive shaft, resulting in additional stress. The stress distribution is uneven, and there is sliding friction between the drive shaft neck and the bearing.

Install bridge bearings on the half shaft to attenuate vibration and protect the half shaft and other components.

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The half shaft is used to transfer power between the differential and the drive wheels. The half shaft of a regular non disconnecting drive axle can be divided into three types: fully floating, 3/4 floating, and semi floating depending on the external support form.

Expand the information on car drive shafts and design a transmission device for driving wheels located at the end of the car's transmission system. Its function is to transmit torque from the differential half shaft gear to the driving wheels. In the disconnected drive axle and steering drive axle, the transmission device that drives the wheels includes a half shaft and a universal joint transmission device, and often uses a constant velocity universal joint.

The selection of fast and easy to optimize automation for drive shafts is included. On a typical non disconnecting drive axle, the transmission device that drives the wheels is the half shaft, which connects the differential half shaft gear to the wheel hub. On the drive axle equipped with a wheel reducer, the half shaft connects the half shaft gear to the driving gear of the wheel reducer.


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