Trouble of Corn Thresher

2022/02/09 17:06

During the operation of the automatic feeding corn thresher, the speed of the car must not be too fast or too slow, otherwise it is easy to block the feed inlet, feed evenly, such as uneven can lead to broken CORNCOB, low yield, plug.


1. the front hopper down rollers too close to the ground, resulting in large angle iron scraping. 

2. If the band is too loose, adjust the roller upwards to reinstall the band. 

3. the clutch is too loose, the Clutch U Card to the outside loose a few silk solution. 

4. CHAIN: Two sprockets do not conflict, the chain is too loose. 

5. Large Band deflection: Adjust the screws on both sides of the roller under the front hopper, the upper band deflection, adjust the upper side of the conveying groove. 

6. thresher does not turn: Clutch is too loose, adjust the clutch pull rod, let clutch a little tight.