Working Principle of Corn Thresher

2022/02/09 16:55


5TY Series Corn Thresher, when working, the corn is fed by the feed mouth, the corn is hit in the high speed rotating rotor and the drum, the kernel is separated by the sieve hole, the corn core is discharged from the tail of the machine, the corn silk, the skin is discharged from the tuyere. The feed hole is arranged on the upper cover of the machine. The corn stick enters the threshing chamber through the feed hole. The corn grains are knocked off by the high-speed rotating rotor in the threshing chamber and separated through the sieve holes. A baffle is arranged on the lower part of the feed inlet, to keep the falling kernels from flying and hurting people. The threshing efficiency of the machine is determined by the length and diameter of the drum. Users can select the series of corn threshers reasonably according to their threshing efficiency. The nail teeth on the rotor is easy to wear parts, should always check its wear condition, when the nail teeth wear a quarter, can be repaired or replaced by electric welding nail teeth, such as repair replacement of new nail teeth, must be completely repaired or replaced, to ensure the balance of the rotor; The screen is a fragile part, if the screen is broken, please replace the new screen.