Adjustment Operation of Deep Ploughing

2021/12/09 15:32

I. Adjustment of tillage depth of deep ploughing plough:

Generally speaking, the tillage depth of deep ploughs should not be less than 10cm. Rotary tiller matched with walking tractor can adjust the depth of cultivated land by changing the height of tail wheel. When adjusting, just turn the adjusting handle.

The ploughing depth is controlled by the hydraulic system of the deep ploughing machine matched with the wheeled tractor. Before adjusting the tillage depth, first adjust the length of the tractor upper pull rod until the rotary tiller and the transmission shaft are basically in the same plane. Then adjust the stopper on the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder to limit the depth of the rotary tiller.

2.the deep ploughing plough level adjustment:

In order to ensure the same rotary tillage depth on the left and right sides of the deep ploughing plough, it is necessary to check whether the distance between the tips of the two sides and the ground is the same. If the distance from the ground is inconsistent, adjust the pull rods on both sides of the tractor. Until the distance between the rotary cultivators on both sides and the ground is the same.

3.Adjustment of included angle of transmission shaft of deep ploughing plough:In order to make the transmission shaft and universal joint rotate smoothly, after the deep ploughing plough is connected, measure the distance between the two sides of the deep ploughing machine and the rear wheel with a ruler to determine whether the included angle between the transmission shaft and the forward direction is consistent. If the included angles are inconsistent, adjust the tractor lower pull rod to make the deep plougher in the most favorable working state.

4. Lifting and adjusting the height of deep ploughing plough:The upward inclination angle of the universal joint exceeds 30 degrees, which will increase the power loss of the universal joint and easily damage the universal joint. For example, when turning on the ground, if you cut off the power of the deep ploughing machine first and then lift it, it will affect the work efficiency.

Therefore, it is necessary to lift the deep plougher in the transmission. But the lifting height must be limited. Generally, it is better to raise the tip of the knife to 15-20cm from the ground.